Beloved of Christ

The church of St. Moses and Anba Abraam in Piscataway NJ started its mission and service in 2007 with an initial family count of 30. Through the Love of God the Father, the Grace of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Gift of His Holy Spirit, the church has now reached 180 families and is continuing to grow every year.

This growth has allowed the church to offer services to the congregation and its youth (the future of the church) to the point where we are now facing a problem of not having enough space for the services of the church.

Gods hand has never left us; in the answer to our prayers, and His will for the future of His church, the owner to the adjacent property of the church has agreed to sell their property to us for $900,000.

A price that is very reasonable and corresponds with the fair market value of properties in the area. As always, your donation is much needed to complete this purchase in order to accommodate the current need of the Church and its services. This is the only and last opportunity to purchase any properties around the church due to the fact that all other properties are owned by Rutgers University.

We are certain that God will not leave His church, and your donation is proof of this. Please consider this as a request from your servants, the priests of the church, to assist in building His church and to continue spreading His word and His name, to whom is due all glory now and forever Amen.


Fr. Morkos & Fr. Gregory


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